You are the LOVE of your own life Cushion

  • You are the LOVE of your own life Cushion

You are the love of your own life.
Most people think that loving yourself means looking in the mirror and learning to like what you see.. going out feeling sassy and feeling confident. But NO thats not loving yourself, that is just thinking you look nice! ( although that is part of it!)
Loving yourself is how you feel towards someone else you love ( like your child for example) Its about looking after yourself, eating healthy, not being a slave to impulses, being kind to yourself, buying yourself gifts, being gentle with your mental health needs, all those kind of things. Learn to be your own best friend, learn to be the partner you have been dreaming of :) Blessings x
Only YOU can give YOU the love you are looking for :)
Printed onto a silk polyester so that the colours pop. These little cuties are cream on the reverse with a pocket for opening. They measure 18" x 18".
Cushion included